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Why Use an Interview Presentation?

It will raise your confidence level- a lot
When you know you will perform well you feel confident. Imagine going into your next interview feeling self-assured that you are going to perform your best and leave the interview knowing you did a good job.

When you use an iBest Interview Presentation, you can be sure you will communicate the information you want the interviewer to know and you won’t forget important job critical information due to nervousness or a bad interviewer. All this results in increased confidence and a job winning interview performance.

It will differentiate YOU
What is your competition up to? Are they using a state-of-the-art interview tool that communicates professionalism, preparedness, interest in the job and a high level of motivation? Are they demonstrating their presentation skills and impressing interviewers with excellent questions? Probably not- so you will be impressively different.

It is time to stop doing what every other job candidate does in an interview, differentiate yourself and confidently win the interview.

It will help you fully prepared for your interview
You may be thinking, “This interview presentation approach isn’t for me. It’s too different, it’s not the usual approach, and I am not that good a presenter anyway.” All that may be true for you however, even if you don’t use the presentation in the interview, developing an interview presentation is by far the best interview preparation available today. Developing a presentation guides you to think through the critical information you need to communicate to the interviewer, the benefits you will bring to the company, and why you should be hired.

So put aside your current concerns about presenting in an interview and develop an iBest Interview Presentation to prepare for your interviews. You will be happy you did. And who knows, the presentation may just come in handy in the interview.

It answers the challenging question 'Tell me about Yourself'
If you are like most job candidates, you hate the question “Tell me about yourself.” Just how are you supposed to answer that question? Well, an iBest Interview Presentation has a terrific answer to the question; just take out your presentation and go through it with the interviewer. They will know all they need to know about you to realize that you fit the job.
It works for all levels of job applicants from entry level to senior management
Thousands of job candidates have used iBest Interview Presentations successfully for entry-level administrative positions to CEO positions for jobs in small companies and major corporations. Regardless of your work experience or professional level, an iBest Interview Presentation will contribute to the success of your interview.
It communicates the information the hiring manager needs to know about you
For most job candidates it is difficult to figure out exactly what to say in an interview and even if the candidate knows what to say it is often difficult to get it said. The iBest Interview Presentation takes care of communicating the information you want the interviewer to know. It presents the information in a clear visual way that creates a conversation between you and the interviewer. And because your information is printed, the interviewer will see it, retain it and learn what you want them to know.

What Clients Say

IBest Presentation took the interview to the next level - Charles
Hi Eric, at the time I was putting together an interview presentation I saw your email. Your IBest Presentation was exactly what I needed. The presentation not only enabled me to highlight my skill set, but it allowed me to take it to the next level where I could match my skill sets with what the employer defined in the job description. I think the information that comes from the actual presentation, provides the employer with a benchmark of how I would perform in an environment where you have to present information to others. Additionally, the opportunity for a prospective employer to see me present myself objectively, demonstrated my commitment to the hiring process. I’m sure the other candidates did not approach the process the same way.

I believe the IBest Presentation was responsible for creating the initial interest the company had for me. I still had to get through the aptitude exam and the four executive interviews to get the offer. However, I think the IBest Presentation provided the edge and positioned me slightly ahead of the other candidates. My final comp package is about 150K to start. I think the iBest Presentation had some impact!

IBest Presentation landed a second interview right on the spot - Terri
I used your IBest Presentation during the interview and it went fabulous. It was over the top with this group.They asked me right on the spot for a second interview.
IBest Presentation was the reason for being hired - Phil
I was in Boise Idaho for a final round interview with HP for a position as Strategic National Accounts Manager. Yesterday we finalized the offer and I will be starting on Tuesday at a National Sales meeting. FYI, the guy that hired me said that the Interview Presentation was the reason I was hired.
The iBest Presentation made the difference and landed the job - Ron
As soon as the Hiring Manager started to ask tough questions I asked permission to give my IBest Presentation, he said ‘by all means. He sat there and just took notes. He even asked me for a copy. He showed my presentation to several people including an outside sales consultant. The next morning I got an offer. I am convinced that the iBest Presentation made the difference and got me the job.
InterviewBest offers good customer service - Scott
I delivered my iBest presentation this morning and received very positive feedback on it. I feel that it really helped me give a complete picture of who I am and how I could benefit the company I was interviewing with. I feel confident that I will receive an offer, but will let you know how it turns out.

I was a little frustrated about the site not working for me because of my old computer (my bad), but your sense of urgency and personal attention was refreshing. It tells me that you and your organization is committed to what you do and your product.Thanks again for the help.

Companies where the iBest Presentation was used in interviews

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