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1. Before the Interview

Preparing for an interview is a daunting task. Most job candidates know they need to prepare but are not sure of how to prepare, the information they should gather and how to organize the information in a useful way. With our software, you no longer need to worry, we walk you through this step by step.

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2. During the Interview

An iBest Interview Presentation is a printed bound document you bring to an interview. It clearly communicates how your background, experience, skills, and education matches the critical requirements of the job and why you are an excellent candidate for the position. Our software guides you through building each page and generates a printable pdf at the end.

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3. After the Interview

After each of your interviews, you should send the interviewer a letter (email). However, a wimpy Thank You letter just won't cut it - a powerful Follow-Through letter will! The iBest software helps you write a powerful Follow-through letter by providing you with sentence stems that you complete.

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eric Hello, my name is Eric Kramer and I am the developer of the iBest interview products. Why did I develop these tools? I developed them because good candidates like you are losing jobs they should be landing due to poor interview performance. Many candidates try to prepare for interviews but their preparation is inadequate, they make job-losing interview errors, or their interview performance is only average or poor- not enough to land a competitive job. Even with all the available interview information, candidates continue to commit more mistakes in the interview than any other stage of the job search process. Clearly, the interview process needed improvement. The iBest products are the improvement interviewing needs.

   Job Interview Expert
Internationally recognized career coach for more than 15 years
Worked with thousands of individuals in job search both individually and in groups
Award winning author of job search books
Helping people land jobs they love and earn the money they deserve is his passion.

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