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With our unique InterviewBest Presentation, we guarantee you'll stand out from other job candidates.

An InterviewBest Presentation is a printed bound document you bring to an interview. Your InterviewBest Presentation communicates clearly how your background, experience, skills, and education matches the critical requirements of the job and why you are an excellent candidate for the position. All important interview winning information that has, up until now, been difficult to get across in an interview.

Using the interactive InterviewBest Presentation development application, you will quickly and easily prepare a document that will visually communicate the following information:

  • Your personal brand (on cover and at bottom of each page)
  • An interview company logo for customization and to communicate your interest in the job
  • A list of critical job requirements and your match with the requirements
  • Additional Areas of Expertise you bring to the position (your "differentiators")

  • Success Stories - Examples of when you were at your best
  • Personal Success Factors - Strengths and personal traits that will make you successful on the job

  • A 30/60 day Strategic Action Plan - Your goals for providing value to the company quickly
  • A summary of the benefits you will provide the company and why you are the best choice for the position
  • Powerful questions that demonstrate your knowledge of the job, company, and industry

The InterviewBest Presentation expert libraries provide hundreds of job specific items that you can select for your presentation and edit for exact fit. Using the InterviewBest expert libraries, your interview presentations will be developed quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Your presentation will be easily customized with your own personal style by selecting one of our many professionally designed templates.

Using the InterviewBest Presentation you will be well prepared for the interview, be far more confident, impress the interviewers and in most interviews... land the job!

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  1. What exactly is an InterviewBest Presentation?
    The InterviewBest Presentation is a customized printed presentation that you take to your interviews to communicate the information you want the interviewer to know about you. The goal of the InterviewBest Presentation is to guide an interview and make sure both you and the interviewer get the information needed to make a "best fit" hiring decision. It is also a terrific leave behind which is far more informative, and impressive, than your resume.

  2. Will I be making an actual presentation?
    No- it is not a "front of the room presentation" you deliver as a monologue. Rather, the InterviewBest Presentation uses a visual format to create an interactive conversation. The InterviewBest Presentation introduces information about your background, skills, experience, and personal characteristics that make you successful on the job. As you talk about the content, the interviewer is encouraged to ask questions and engage you in a meaningful conversation. Through the conversation, the hiring manager gets to know you at a deeper more meaningful level and as you establish trust she is more inclined to feel comfortable hiring you.

  3. What if I am not a good presenter, should I use an InterviewBest Presentation?
    An InterviewBest Presentation has tremendous value just as an interview preparation tool. As you prepare your InterviewBest Presentation, you will be guided through thinking about your brand, how you match the critical job requirements, what makes you successful on your jobs, the distinguishing added-value you will bring to the position, and what questions you want to ask the interviewer. This is the best interview preparation available today, bar none. Thus, just using the InterviewBest Presentation to prepare for your interview is a tremendous benefit. Approximately 85% of all job candidates use the presentation in the interview while 15% do not. However 100% of all job candidates use the InterviewBest Presentation as a leave behind.

  4. Can't I just make my own interview presentation using PowerPoint or some other presentation software?
    Absolutely. However, the InterviewBest Presentation has been designed by experts to communicate the job specific information the interviewer needs to know to make an informed hiring decision. Also, the InterviewBest Presentation has expert "content libraries" that offers you content you can select to put in your presentation and then modify to match your specific interview. Using the libraries, you are not starting from a blank piece of paper; your presentation has expert content, and your presentation is developed quickly and easily- within 30-40 minutes. This is a new strategy and currently no one else is providing an easily used online program for developing a professional interview presentation. Until now, interviews consisted of the interviewer asking questions and the job candidate hoping to answer the questions correctly. With an InterviewBest Presentation, you will be guiding the interview and creating a conversation. The InterviewBest Presentation is based on a proprietary format which covers 100% of the critical information a hiring manager needs to know about you to make a good hiring decision.

  5. Can an InterviewBest Presentation be used in every interview at every company?
    Honestly, no. Some companies, relatively few, have a very structured interview format that does not permit the use of an InterviewBest Presentation. In these situations, the preparation you have put into developing your InterviewBest Presentation will have to be enough. However, having developed your InterviewBest Presentation, you will be well prepared for the interview and will have your interview goals and content in your head ready to share in response to the interviewer's questions. Also, the InterviewBest Presentation is a great leave behind and not one interviewer has rejected the InterviewBest Presentation when offered as a leave behind. Candidates have had the most success when the InterviewBest Presentation is color printed on good quality paper and is spiral bound with a clear plastic cover and a cardboard backing. This is done easily at any copy center in just a few hours. Be sure to bring a copy for each interviewer, and plan to use the InterviewBest Presentation as an impressive "leave behind." The InterviewBest Presentation does not work as well when projected or shown on a laptop. When looking at a projection or a display, you lose important eye contact with the interviewer. With a printed presentation, eye contact is maintained.

  6. Why is each bullet point in the InterviewBest Presentation limited to 170 characters?
    The InterviewBest Presentation is not meant to be read. It is designed to introduce job critical information in a brief visual format to which you will be speaking. If the bullet points were longer than 170 characters, you would run the risk of the interviewer reading your presentation rather than engaging in a conversation with you.

  7. How do I introduce my InterviewBest Presentation in an interview?
    Candidates introduce the InterviewBest Presentation in many ways in their interviews. Some candidates state up front that they have a presentation, "I am really interested in this job, and I just want to let you know I have prepared a presentation about my background, skills, and experience. If there is an opportunity, I would like to share it with you." Other candidates have used their presentation to answer the question "tell me about yourself."

    There are many opportunities and lots of creative ways to introduce your InterviewBest Presentation. The important thing is to look for an opening and then ask permission to introduce it into the interview. The InterviewBest Presentation has been used successfully to interview for the full range of professional levels from entry level to the most senior management. Position include C-level (CEO, CFO, CMO, etc.), Vice President, Director, Manager and Associate in positions such as sales, marketing, technical, management, operations, support, administrative and many other functions. Industries where the InterviewBest Presentation has been successful include: Pharmaceutical, Health Care, Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Education, Insurance, Printing & Publishing, Energy, Finance, Military and many others.

    The InterviewBest Presentation works well for any position that requires an interview to make a "best fit" hiring decision. In fact, many college students have used an InterviewBest Presentation to land their first job. Hiring managers are very enthusiastic about the InterviewBest Presentation and are highly complementary of candidates that show the enthusiasm, commitment, and motivation to prepare so thoroughly for the interview.

    The InterviewBest Presentation guides (not controls) your interview, assuring the conversation stays focused on job requirements and how you will contribute to the success of the organization. Hiring managers benefit from the extra information and insights the InterviewBest Presentation provides about you and they find that they make better hiring decisions. In fact, many hiring managers after seeing a job candidate use an InterviewBest Presentation use an interview presentation when they interview for jobs.

    This unique strategy of preparing and presenting one's skills and abilities during the interview has been tremendous. One hundred percent of all candidates, regardless of hiring outcome, think the InterviewBest Presentation is a critical part of their interview strategy and state they would not go to an interview without an InterviewBest Presentation. The InterviewBest Presentation contains a great deal of critical position specific information much of which does not typically come out in an interview. Beyond a good presentation, you have to clearly substantiate your fit with the position, both in terms of skills and experience, and fit with the company culture. Just being a "slick" presenter is not enough to convince a hiring manager that you are a strong candidate. There are numerous ways the InterviewBest Presentation improves your interviews, but here are a few standouts:

    • It differentiates you: When you go to an interview with an InterviewBest Presentation, you are well prepared, you will powerfully present your reasons why you should be hired, and you will have good insightful questions to ask. These factors differentiate you and win jobs.
    • It raises your confidence level dramatically: With excellent preparation and a polished professional presentation, your confidence soars to a completely new level resulting in a stronger interview performance.
    • It makes sure you are heard: Because the information is visually presented in a professional document, the hiring manger will hear, and more importantly see, the information you want to communicate. You will not have to put up with an interviewer that talks only about themselves and doesn't take the time to get to know you.
    • It conveys your motivation and enthusiasm about the job: Going through the InterviewBest Presentation strategy and developing an InterviewBest Presentation, communicates an action oriented and proactive approach to the interview and to the job. Your highly motivated and enthusiastic approach impress hiring managers and moves the decision making process quickly ahead to a positive decision. The InterviewBest Presentation is tremendously helpful for an interviewer, which is why they like it when you bring your InterviewBest Presentation to the interview.
    • It visually communicates the critical information an interviewer needs to know to make a well informed hiring decision. A visual presentation helps the interviewer learn and retain the information you are sharing far better than just hearing it.
    • It helps you prepared for the interview so the interviewer sees you at your best and has a better understanding of your skills, experience, education, and abilities. By being well prepared and using an InterviewBest Presentation, you are far less likely to make interview mistakes that causes you to lose the job when you would have been a great asset to the company.
    • When using the InterviewBest Presentation you are displaying your ability to gather information, present the information, and respond to questions- all important job skills in a knowledge economy.
    • It helps structure the interview so both you and the interviewer remain focused on important job related information.
    • It makes an interviewer who is not skilled in interviewing a good interviewer without having to go through training.

  8. Will it work in panel/group interviews?
    The InterviewBest Presentation works really well in panel/group settings. With a visual presentation, the panel/group is focused and is able to get the information they need to make a hiring decision. It enables interviewers that may be more reserved to participate fully in the interview and it helps you connect with every interviewer in the panel/group.

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