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After each of your interviews, you should send the interviewer a letter (email). However, a wimpy "Thank You"" letter just won't cut it- a powerful "Follow-through"" letter will! The InterviewBest program helps you write a powerful Follow-through letter by providing you with sentence stems that you complete.

Once you complete the sentences, the InterviewBest program generates a Follow-through letter that you can edit and send to each of your interviewers. No longer do you have to guess at what to write or struggle with getting your Follow-through letter out in a timely manner- the InterviewBest program walks you through developing your Follow-through letter quickly and easily. You can even email your letter directly from the InterviewBest program, what could be easier?

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  1. Why do you call it a "Follow-through" letter? Is it different than a "Thank You" letter?
    Most job candidates write a simple- "Thank you for interviewing me I want the job." In today's competitive job marketplace you need to do more! A Follow-through letter is a continuation of your InterviewBest Presentation, reinforces you are the best candidate, emphasizes what the company liked about you, and addresses any potential questions the company may have about you. A Follow-through letter is a well-written business correspondence which demonstrates your ability to write a persuasive letter and impresses the interviewer with you follow-through and professionalism.

  2. Is it important to send a Follow-through letter?
    Some hiring managers and human resource professionals say a thank you letter after an interview doesn't make a difference, others say they expect a letter and have doubts about a job candidate that doesn't send one. Do you want to take the risk and raise doubts? Do you want to be the job candidate that doesn't send a letter when your competition does? We don't think so which is why we developed a quick and powerful way for you to send a terrific Follow-through letter.

  3. Is it important to send a Follow-through letter after every interview?
    Every interview is an important step toward a job offer- every interview requires a good Follow-through letter. Even a 20 minute screening interview with a recruiter from Human Resources requires a well-written Follow-through letter- that HR recruiter has a large say in the selection process and you need to wow them.

  4. If I have a group/panel interview should I send a letter to each interviewer even if there are five or six?
    Each interviewer deserves a custom written Follow-through letter. We know customizing a letter for each interviewer is a lot of work, which is another reason we developed the InterviewBest Follow-through letter program. Using the InterviewBest Follow-through letter generator, you can quickly write a customized letter to each interviewer. Just imagine how impressed the interview committee will be that you took the time to write a customized letter to each interviewer- especially when your competition probably hasn't.

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