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With our InterviewBest Briefing Book, we ensure you will know all about the company you are interviewing with.

Preparing for an interview is a daunting task. If you are like most job candidates, you know you need to prepare but you are not sure of how to prepare, the information you should gather, and how to organize the information in a useful way.

The InterviewBest Briefing Book, developed by job interview experts, gives you an outline of the information you need, an organized way to record the information, and suggested resources where you can find the information. An InterviewBest Briefing Book is a document that once you fill it out, will have all the information in one easily reviewed location you need to be thoroughly prepared for your interview.

The InterviewBest Briefing Book content sections include:

  • Section 1 - Location/Scheduling/Interviewers
  • Section 2 - Industry Information
  • Section 3 - Company Information
  • Section 4 - Job Information/Interview Performance/Additional Information

This is all the information you need to answer one of the most critical interview questions - "What do you know about our company?" In addition, you will have information about the industry, the job, and the interviewer you will use to win your interview. This level of detail will give you a competitive edge and will impress the interviewer with your dedication and motivation for the job. Don't be caught short by interview questions, fill out an InterviewBest Briefing Book and be prepared for any question an interviewer may ask.

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  1. What exactly is an InterviewBest Briefing Book?
    Interviewer's #1 complaint is job candidates are not prepared for their interviews which makes lack of preparation the #1 reason job candidates don't get job offers. An InterviewBest Briefing Book is a book you fill in with all the important details of your interviews. By filling in the content of an InterviewBest Briefing Book, you will have all the information you need in an organized package and you will be prepared thoroughly for your interview(s).

  2. What is the benefit to me of an InterviewBest Briefing Book?
    An InterviewBest Briefing Book guides you through assembling all the information you need to win your interview. You don't have to guess at the information you need to prepare, just fill in the InterviewBest Briefing Book. Information in your InterviewBest Briefing Book includes logistics about your interview(s) including location and contacts as well as information about the industry, company, and job for which you are interviewing. Once completed, it will have all the information you need to impress the interviewer with your interview preparation.

  3. What if I can't get all the information I need to fill out the book completely?
    The InterviewBest Briefing Book has space for a lot of information. Depending on the company and the job for which you are interviewing, you may not be able to get 100% of all the information in the book. Just do the best you can- any information you get will be a benefit to your interview preparation. In addition, just reading the questions will inform you about the information that will help your interview preparation.

  4. What is the InterviewBest Briefing Book final product?
    Once you have filled out the InterviewBest Briefing Book, you can print the book as a PDF document.This enables you to study your InterviewBest Briefing Book offline as well as bring it with you to your interview. You have the ability to constantly add to and change the information in your InterviewBest Briefing Book as you learn new information so it is up-to-date with all the job relevant information you need.

  5. Where do I get the information to fill out the InterviewBest Briefing Book?
    The information in your InterviewBest Briefing Book will come from a variety of sources. Information about the logistics of your interview and the job will come from the company with which you are interviewing. Information about the industry and company will come from numerous internet based resources. On the InterviewBest Briefing Book pages, you will see a list of suggested internet resources where you can find the information you need.

  6. The InterviewBest Briefing Book has space for personal information about the interviewer-is it acceptable for me to get this information?
    Absolutely. Just as interviewers are researching your background to learn about you, it is perfectly acceptable to research the interviewer to learn about their background. In fact, many interviewers are impressed when a job candidate is so thorough- which is why we included this section in the InterviewBest Briefing Book.

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