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eric Hello, my name is Eric Kramer and I am the developer of the InterviewBest products. Over the course of a year, I speak with thousands of job seekers about job search and more specifically about their interviews. Almost every job seeker I speak with is anxious about interviewing, doesn't look forward to being interviewed, and once their interview is over doesn?t think they did their best. This informed me that the available books and interview training programs simply do not have the high-level information and strategies to help you prepare for interviews, perform well in interviews, and win the job over stiff competition.

Why did I develop these tools? I developed them because good candidates like you are losing jobs they should be landing due to poor interview performance. Many candidates try to prepare for interviews but their preparation is inadequate, they make job-losing interview errors, or their interview performance is only average or poor- not enough to land a competitive job. Even with all the available interview information, candidates continue to commit more mistakes in the interview than any other stage of the job search process. Clearly, the interview process needed improvement. The InterviewBest products are the improvement interviewing needs

So why me? I am fortunate enough to have a background in three important areas that helped me develop the innovative InterviewBest tools.

  1. I have been a career coach for more than fifteen years and I have worked with thousands of individuals in job search both individually and in groups. Over the fifteen years, I have had a private career management practice as well as worked for two of the world?s largest job transition companies.
  2. I have a background in software and systems development as both an owner of my own software development company and as an account manager for a public sector software development company. I know how to apply software and systems to difficult challenges.
  3. I am a published author having written three books. Two of the books are about job interviews and the third is about networking.

This fortunate combination of experiences enabled me to think about interviewing from a number of perspectives and develop new and unique approaches to interviewing that will help you win interviews and land jobs.

Helping people land jobs they love and earn the money they deserve is my passion. I am eager to support your interview efforts and hear about your experiences with the InterviewBest tools. Please connect with me and share your experiences.

Also, please connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter.

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